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Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the Le Veil Humidifier readable at all times, or is there an auto shutoff feature?

  Yes, the Le Veil hygrometer uses a high quality LCD screen that will stay on and be readable at all times.

 How long will it take for my new humidifier to read accurately in my humidor?

  Turn on your humidifier and set it in the humidor. Your new humidifier will need about 24 hours to stabilize the humidity in the humidor before it will read accurately.

 Can I use 3rd party power adaptor?

We don't suggest 3rd party power adaptor.  It may damage humidifier. We strongly suggest you use our adapter adaptor or that you order an power adaptor from our website at  We cannot guarantee other brands will work or not damage your humidifier.

How to adjust humidifiers accuratcy?

 Each Le Veil humidifier is equipped with a high quality capacitive humidity sensor; the same used in commercial laboratories. Not all digital hygrometers are equipped with a capacitive humidity sensor. Most digital hygrometers available to the public are equipped with resistive hygrometers which have a RH variance of up to +-15%. Please make sure the hygrometer you are using to test the humidifier has a capacitive humidity sensor in order to ensure accuracy.

The Le Veil humidifier allows you to manually adjust and re-calibrate its hygrometer using the steps below. After adjusting, place the humidifier back into the humidor and allow 24 hours for accuracy.

To Calibrate the humidifier, hold the 'MODE' button before the number flash then immediately adjust the meter with the 'UP' and 'Down' buttons.

DCH-12V5~, DCH-220~, DCH-60~]



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 What are the dimensions of DCH-12V1, DCH-12V2?

   6" L * 2"W * 3.5"H - with a regular water cartridge.  6"L * 2"W * 2.5" H - with a small water cartridge.

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Why is the fan running but no air is passing though the air vent (DCH-12V1)? 

  You need to make sure to turn the water cartridge upside down after you refill it, allowing excess water  to drain from the cartridge so that air can pass through the water cartridge.

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 How often do I need to replace the water cartridge?

  We suggest that you change your water cartridge after refilling three to four times or once a year to keep the quality of freshness at its best.

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Why does my new DCH-12V humidifier's fan continually run?

Make sure the flat power plug is plugged into the "DC 12V" Power port on the side of the humidifier, not to be confused with "Ext. Fan"  port on back of humidifier.    

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  If fan is not turning on once plugged into outlet  what steps should I take?

·      Make sure there is gel in the tank.  If you would like to use without gel, don’t use distilled water because the water sensor will not detect water since distilled water is too pure, instead use carbonated filtered drinking water.

·    You will need to check flat cable connection. Unplug and re-plug cable back in making sure the blue on the flat cable is facing upward.  Also make sure the flat cable is plugged into center.

·    If lime build up is seen on the two water sensor poles, clean with delimer or vinegar.  Make sure no liquid gets into the humidifier.

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      How often should I check and change gel?

Empty and refill gel once a year.  If gel turns to a dark color at any time, you may also need to change gel.  Gel absorbs particles in the air polluting gel.

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        Can I put control unit on the outside of humidor?

Yes you can put control until on the outside of your humidor. The flat cable can be passed through door without affecting humidity.

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     Can I use cigar solution?


We only recommend using distilled water or carbonated water.  Tap water or chemical solution may damage the water sensor or other components.

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     Fan not constantly running?
Understanding [ON/S] and [ON] modes.
  • [ON/S] (power save) checks humidity approx. every 3 minutes. If the humidity isn't within the set range, the fan will activate briefly then deactivate until the next check.
  • [ON] constantly checks humidity levels and activates the fan as needed.


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