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iCigar Hybrid DCH-12V2 iCigar Pro Micro


Le Veil DCH-12V1 cigar humidifier system

 The Le Veil DCH-12V1 is a fully automatic humidification system for small to mid size humidors. An optional fan is available to increase the humidifiers humidification abilities. It has the unique capability of adjusting the gauge to ensure that the screens reading is accurate. This allows the hygrometer to always be accurate without having to calculate any offset that an inaccurate meter may have.
Recalibrating Technology for accuracy
Un-like common humidifiers now on the market, Le Veil® humidifier offers greater convenience compared to standard  recalibrating switches design.  Each Humidifier has been pre-calibrated in factory. which also can be recalibrated by user.
Maintain 50 to 600CT Humidors
Quiet HD fan
Le Veil® humidifier is equipped with 1 fan. This HD fan is powerful and super quiet.
AC power
AC electric power gives humidifier maximum consistency when it comes to the power accumulating through each humidor.
LCD Liquid Crystal Full Time display
Full function LCD diagrams with large digital readouts.  This will allow each user to easily use and control display.
  • Fully Automatic and hygrometer ready
  • High-tech microprocessor computer
  • Super Quiet
  • High quality LCD large digital readouts
  • Factory pre-set at 70%
  • Manually adjustable 40% - 90%
  • Recalibrating digital humidifier for accuracy
  • Maintains from 50ct ~ 600ct humidors
  • Refillable water cartridge
  • Extra short water cartridge included
  • 6"L x 2"W x 3.5"H
  • 110V - 240V, UL
  • RoSH, CE available
  • One year limited warranty
  • Model# DCH-12V1
  • Patent rights issued and/or Pending