Advanced Cigar Accessory

iCigariCigar HybridMicro
iCigar® Pro  cigar humidifier system
  • Dual Re-calibrating technology
  • Low water alarm indicator
  • Maintain up to 55 CB-FT humidors
  • Up to 110 CB-FT w/sub. tank (optional)
  • Powerful and quiet dual HD fan
  • Liquid crystal display with light
  • Display RH Max/Min
  • Display 3 days average
  • Display °C/°F, low water
  • Display humidity %, humidity setting
  • Manually adjustable 40%~90%, +/- 1%
  • 110~240V/AC
  • 9”L x 4 3/4”W x 4 1/2”H
  • Model#: DCH-60
  • One year limited warranty
  • Worldwide Patent rights issued and/or Pending 
Compact Duel Fan and See-through
1/2 Gal Water Tank Design
Technology innovations enable iCigar® humidifiers to give you the new level of acclaimed performance in a cigar humidor.

Dual Recalibrating Technology for Accuracy
Un-like common humidifiers now on the market, iCigar® humidifier offers greater convenience compared to the standard dual recalibrating switcher design.  Each Humidifier has been pre-calibrated in factory. There is an additional digital switch, which can be recalibrated, adjusting +/- 5% on front of humidifier by user.
AC power
AC electric power gives humidifier maximum consistency when it comes to the power accumulating through each humidor.
Lower water and alarm indicator with auto fan stop
The On/Off light flashes and a 1 minute alarm will go off when the water is low.
Maintain Up to 55CB-FT Humidors
iCigar® Pro can handle size from 300ct to 3000ct cigar humidors or 55+ CB-FT cigar cabin humidors and up to 110 CB-FT with an optional slave tank DCH-60CSGAL.
Quiet HD fan
iCigar® Pro humidifier is equipped with 2 heavy duty brushless fans. They are powerful and super quiet.
LCD Liquid Crystal Full Time display plus light
Full function LCD diagrams with LED light shows the RH max/min, 3 day average, temperature °C/°F, Humidity, Low water and Current humidity settings.  This will help each user to easily use and control display.
 High Absorb Crystal Gel
 iCigar humidifier DCH-55GEL/DCH-55CSGEL equipped HD high absorb Crystal Gel. It can hold almost 99% water in tank and longer lift. One full refill will last up to 3 month on a good seal humidor.
Easy Install
Specially designed 8ft flat data power cable is made with super thin flexible material and it can easily pass though humidor doors.  No Tools needed.

Crystal Gel

Slave tank for DCH-55,56
8FT cable