Advanced Cigar Accessory
iCigariCigar ProMicro

iCigar® Hybrid humidifier system
  • Dual re-calibrating technology
  • Hybrid power technology
  • Run up to a month.
  • Re-chargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Charging with computer USB port
  • Low battery and water alarm indicator
  • Powerful and quiet HD fan
  • Maintain 25 to 200+ CT humidors
  • Liquid crystal display
  • Display RH Max/Min, 3 days average
  • Display °C/°F, lower, low battery
  • Display humidity %, humidity settings
  • Charging and running technology
  • AC/DC power, 5V/DC
  • 100~240V/AC
  • 7 1/4”L x 4”W x 1 1/8”H
  • Model#: DCH-200
  • One year limited warranty
  • Worldwide Patent rights issued and/or Pending 

Compact, On-Cover of Humidor Design
The new technology innovations enable  iCigar® humidifiers to give you the new level of acclaimed performance in cigar humidors.
Hybrid Technology
New iCigar® hybrid technology, electronically identifies and extends battery life after re-charging, giving the user a choice between dual AC or DC power.

Dual Recalibrating Technology for accuracy
Un-like common humidifiers now on the market, iCigar® humidifiers offer greater convenience compared to the standard dual recalibrating switch designs.  Each Humidifier has been pre-calibrated in factory. There is an additional digital switch, which can be recalibrated, adjusting humidity by +/-5% on front of humidifier by user.

Rechargeable battery and power
Built-in Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides approximately 30 days of reliable run time when on the battery saving mode. The smart micro computer will automatically check humidity every 3~5 minutes. It also include one 110V or 240V wall socket charger.
Charger with computer USB port
iCigar® hybrid is convenient for computer users because it can simply be charged with the computer USB port with optional cable.
Maintain 25 to 300+ CT Humidors
AC power
AC electric power gives humidifier maximum consistency when it comes to the power needed to accumulate most humidors.

Low battery-life and alarm indicator
On/Off light will flash and a 1 minute alarm will go off when there is approximately four hours of battery life remaining.
Lower water and alarm indicator
On/Off light flashes and alarm will go off for 1 minute when the water is low.
LCD Liquid Crystal Full Time display
Full function LCD diagrams with light shows the RH max/min, 3 days average, temperature C°/F°, Humidity, Low water and Current humidity settings.  This will help each user to easily control humidity.
DCH-210 M-series has a specially designed metal top cover which is scratch resistant.
High Density Micro Tech Proifera Sponge
  iCigar humidifier equipped with a Special designed HD high density sponge. It can hold more water and longer lift then other common sponges and mold retardant.


   dch-200 M-series
M series